Hilton Education Consulting

About Us

We created Hilton Education Consulting to capitalise on our expertise to provide quality customised participant-centred professional learning. Our goal is support schools and educators to improve educational outcomes through evidence-based decision making. We also offer research services that we customise to suit the needs of schools.

Dr Annette Hilton and Dr Geoff Hilton are career educators and educational researchers. Annette is an Industry Fellow with the University of Technology Sydney School of International Relations and Education. Geoff is an Honorary Research Fellow with the University of Queensland School of Education. We each have over 20 years experience in schools and 15 years in universities. We have worked in schools and universities in Australia, Denmark, Tanzania, Sharjah, Canada and the US. Our expertise in conducting and investigating practitioner research is recognised internationally. We have published widely in international journals and conference proceedings and are winners of the European Best Research and Practice Project Award. Cambridge University Press published our book – Learning to Research, Researching to Learn: An Educator’s Guide – in 2020. Our latest book, Making Sense of Number: Improving Personal Numeracy was published in September 2021. Find out about our publications here.

Professional Learning

We offer a range of professional learning programs, focusing on the development of practitioner researchers in schools. Our flagship program is a year-long series of workshops that provides research training. This program guides educators through the steps needed to conduct their own research project in their classroom or school context. We also offer a master class for school leaders who wish to develop a culture of research in their school. In addition, we are able to tailor or co-design programs to suit the professional learning needs or strategic plans of schools or school clusters. Read more about professional learning.

Research Services

We provide diverse research services to schools, school clusters and districts, education and government departments as well as private and corporate providers. Examples of such services include

  • program evaluations (e.g., impact evaluations of school-based programs focused on teachers, coaches, or students; external programs focused on participants such as school leaders, parents);
  • literature reviews (e.g., developing CLIL in primary schools; Reading instruction in the early years); and
  • data collection and analysis, (e.g., staff surveys, participant surveys and interviews and reports of findings).

We are always happy to co-design and tailor research that responds to your needs. Read more about our research services.