Practitioner Research with Annette and Geoff is easily the most satisfying and relevant professional development experience I have undergone. It allows you to pursue a professional passion within a clear and supportive structure, seamlessly bridging research and evolving practice. Annette and Geoff are curious crusaders on an admirable quest to assert the central role of practicing educators in the world of emerging educational research. Their program is pragmatic, stimulating and very enjoyable. Do it!

Nick Howard, Head of English, LOTE & Learning Centre, Balmoral State High School

The practitioner research process facilitated by Annette and Geoff was well defined, engaging, purposeful and highly beneficial for improving my daily teaching practice. The continued support Annette and Geoff afforded me during my research journey is a testament to their passion for improving outcomes in education. 

Lauren Lutz, Classroom Teacher, Edge Hill State School

The Practitioner Research Program is an engaging and practical course that helped me access and use academic literature to underpin my own rigorous classroom research. With support from Annette and Geoff, I was able to implement a contemporary teaching strategy and evaluate and justify its effectiveness. The research paper I produced at the end of this program and my work throughout, become a key piece of evidence in my successful Highly Accomplished Teacher application.

Matt Moorcroft, Highly Accomplished Teacher, Craigslea State High School