Professional Learning

After two years of working online and in blended formats, we are pleased in 2022 to be able to once again offer all of our programs in face-to-face format.

Practitioner Research Programs

We have been engaged in practitioner research for the past 15 years. Our doctoral and post-doctoral research involved practitioner research in our own classrooms. Over the past ten years, we have developed and refined professional learning programs for educators to help them develop the skills they need to research in their own contexts. Our Practitioner Research for Educators program has been successfully completed by more than 100 teachers and school leaders. We also offer a Master Class for School Leaders, to promote the development of a school-wide culture of inquiry.

Practitioner Research for Educators

The Practitioner Research Program for Educators is a year-long program. It integrates six face-to-face full-day workshops with online support and coaching. Participants are able to select their own topic and are guided to develop a robust research question and rigorous and defendable research methods. They are fully supported to create data collection instruments, analyse the data generated, and to create authentic research products that allow them to share their research with others. Past participants have presented their research to colleagues at their own schools, at the district level, and at Australian and international conferences. Some participants have continued with formal research study (e.g., Masters or PhDs) and others have had their work published in journals.

Read testimonials from past participants here.

Master Class for School Leaders

This is a one-day program that introduces the research supporting the development of a school-wide culture of research or inquiry. The program is participant-focused and utilises contemporary case studies to describe a variety of school-wide research models and approaches used by other school leaders. Participants are encouraged to begin to develop their own strategies and models and are supported to consider their own roles in the development of a research culture in their contexts. They also have the option to work with us beyond the master class if they wish to do so. We are offering this program through QELi. More information can be found at the QELi website.

Tailored Programs for Individual Schools

We also offer the possibility of working with school leaders or groups of schools who wish to have a program tailored specifically for their own context or strategic goals. This may be a variation of other programs or it may be something different. Examples of professional learning we have created for individual schools include

  • a three-day action research program for a primary school that involved all school leaders, middle leaders, and year level coordinators who wished to build research capacity in their school
  • a year-long program to support facilitators of Professional Learning Communities to strengthen the work of the PLCs and align them with the school’s priorities.

If you have ideas that you would like to discuss with us, we are always happy to meet with you and create a program that aligns with your goals and that suits your context.