Research Services Offered by HEC

In recent years, Hilton Education Consulting (HEC) has been commissioned to conduct a range of research services. We are also happy to discuss other ideas with schools and districts.

Examples of services provided include the following:

Program evaluations

Program evaluation involves data collection using a range of methods, such as survey and interview data collection, data analysis and evaluation report writing. We have conducted a number of program evaluations for the Queensland Education Leadership Institute, including an evaluation of the state-wide K-2 coaches program and the Reading Centre program. We have evaluated additional programs for QELi in 2021 including the QELi QCEC Globally Engaged Middle Leaders Program. In 2021 we also evaluated the Education Queensland Remote Area Teacher Education Program.

We have recently begun working with Parent Shop to evaluate their No Scaredy Cats Program aimed at supporting parents of children with anxiety.

Literature Reviews

We have conducted literature reviews specific to the needs of individual schools. Literature reviews can be conducted with a broad or narrow focus and depend on the requirements of the schools. For example, we conducted a literature review about content and language integrated learning for a primary school that was considering introducing an Italian language program across the year levels. We also conducted a literature review for a school that was seeking to strengthen its school-wide professional learning program through the use of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

Collaborative development of school-wide research programs

Schools have asked us to work with professional learning program coordinators or PLC facilitators to promote the development of a school-wide approach to practitioner research. These approaches vary widely and we are able to customise a program or co-design an approach with school leaders.

Individualised Research Services

We are happy to work with schools to structure other research to suit the needs of the school. In the past, we have worked with school leaders to focus on questions specific to their identified priorities. Feel free to contact us if you have requests or wish to further discuss any research services we may be able to provide your school.