The latest from Annette and Geoff

Annette and Geoff have taken a break from teaching at university in 2021 so that we can focus on our teacher research programs and our research services. The University of Queensland recently conferred an Honorary Research Fellowship on Geoff. Annette continues her position as Honorary Industry Fellow with UTS.

Annette and Geoff are excited to have been invited to review paper submissions for the 2021 Conference of the European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (EAPRIL). This is an association we have been involved with since 2008. This year’s conference is to be held online and it promises to be a very exciting conference for anyone involved in practice-based research or teacher education.

Annette is also a reviewer for the Australian Research Council and reviewed proposals for the 2021 ARC Discovery Grants.

In 2020, our book, Learning to Research and Researching to Learn was published by Cambridge University Press. It is full of helpful information, examples, activities and templates to help beginning researchers.

We are excited about the publication of our new book titled Making Sense of Number: Improving Personal Numeracy by Cambridge University Press in September 2021. This book is draws on our experience in working with pre- and in-service teachers to provide support for teachers and other professionals who would like to improve their own numeracy skills and knowledge.

2021 Programs Commenced in March

The Cairns Practitioner Research Program has participants researching topics including teacher wellbeing, CLIL impacts on Italian language student outcomes, sustainability education, the impact of extensive reading on Japanese students’ learning outcomes, supporting intervention students’ literacy development, and the development of Year 7 students’ prosocial skills and community engagement through community service projects. Our final workshop for 2021 is scheduled for late October. The projects are inspiring in terms of their quality and the dedication of the participants in what has been another challenging year in schools.

The Brisbane Practitioner Research Program commenced on March 11. The topics chosen by members of this group are incredibly diverse and promise to have lasting influences on both the practitioner researchers and their school communities. Topics include supporting early years readers, the impact of feedback on mathematics students’ learning outcomes, promoting critical thinking and reasoning in English classrooms, the influence of instrumental music on children’s learning, and characterising rapport. The final workshop and presentation session for 2021 are scheduled for late October and we look forward to this culminating day with our amazing and talented researchers.

Responding to Education Queensland’s State School Strategy

Recently the State Schools Strategy for 2021-2025 was released by Education Queensland. It asks four guiding questions:

  1. How are all students engaged and improving in their learning? 
  2. How do we know? 
  3. What adjustments are we making to ensure every student is improving in their learning? 
  4. How do we know what is working?

We believe that practitioner research is the perfect approach to help schools and educators gather robust and reliable data and to engage deeply with these questions.

Program Evaluations

We continue to conduct independent program evaluations for professional learning providers, with current evaluations focused on programs in Queensland, NSW and the Northern Territory. We are very excited about all of these evaluations not only because we have the privilege of meeting and interviewing so many outstanding educators and other stakeholders, but also because we are able to support the important work undertaken by the organisations we work with.